Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Incident

The Incident

“What the hell happened,” Richard Stever pondered, eyes opening to consciousness.

He shifted his body away from the steering wheel where he landed after impact with the deer. As his mind grew less fuzzy, he took in his surroundings. Broken glass had splintered and imbedded in his face, torso and legs. Pain shot through his left arm as he instinctively jerked away from the gap between the seat and door.

Richard noticed the broken windshield was shattered on the driver’s side though intact. When he turned his head to the right, he was horrified. The entire passenger side of the vehicle pushed against his body, the rear area thrust against his seat back. As if encapsulated, Richard found he had only the small driver area to maneuver.

The figure of a man appeared at the driver’s side door; middle-aged, clean-shaven face, sharp violet eyes and dressed in white shirt and pants. Richard felt relief, thinking, “I’ll be all right now that help has arrived.”

He heard the sound of footsteps approaching and turned toward the kind face peering through the broken window. Before he could speak, the man silenced him, “You will be fine. Help is on the way.”

Within seconds, two men appeared asking if he was okay, telling him not to move. They removed the door from its hinges, placed him on a gurney, rolling him toward the awaiting ambulance.

“Where is he? Where is the man dressed in white?”
“We didn’t see anyone, son,” came the response.
“You had to have seen him. He was right there talking to me a second before you arrived.”
The paramedics shook their head in puzzlement, thinking the young man in shock and babbling.

“Don’t know about any man but you’re sure as hell lucky to be alive. Your entire vehicle is crushed and mangled, except where you sat in the driver’s seat. It’s as if someone held you up and plopped you down after the wreck. ”

And Richard Stever would have never found out that angels do exist had it not been for the accident.

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