Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Positive Approach To Life

Today I decided we all needed something positive to read in light of the economy, the weather patterns and turmoil in our world. Enjoy

A Positive Approach To Life

• Smile at the next person you meet
• Call a friend you haven’t spoken with but have thought about often
• Give a friend, brother, sister, spouse a big hug
• Tell someone how much you appreciate them
• Visit a neighbor who lives alone
• Volunteer at a food bank, hospice or other organization which helps others
• Write a flash fiction that will bring a smile to other’s faces and share it
• Compose a loving poem and leave it where your partner can find it
• Call your mom or dad if you’re lucky enough to have them in your life
• Visit a nursing home, read a story, tell a tale or share your thoughts with a resident
• Remember to say ‘Thank You’
• Take a walk in the woods or park and marvel at the beauty of the world
• Count your blessings – yes you do have many
• Adopt an animal who only has a short time to live
• On this topic, spay or neuter your own animal(s)
• Read a book, article or poem from an unknown author and do a review or blog
• Speak up when you see injustice, rudeness or abuse
• Donate those clothes sitting in your closet for years gathering dust
• Write a letter to a service person to let them know someone does care
• Do a simple task for that elderly neighbor
• Dwell on your positive qualities, they far out shine the negative (if not, change them)
• Stop judging others on your own principals and beliefs. You aren’t walking in their shoes
• Think about the possibilities and make them a reality
• Dance, for it will release your inhibitions and release your freedom
• Most of all, live your life each day as if it was the last and you’ll find yourself being positive without even trying

Monica M. Brinkman,
Author, Poet, Radio Host

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