Saturday, August 20, 2011

Two Politicians

On this day of my birth, I find myself reflecting on the warmth, love, compassion and true generousity of so many in our world.

I thought I'd add a short tale for all to enjoy.

Two Politicians

Two Politicians were exchanging ideas regarding the rewards for
public service.

"The reward which I most desire," said the First Politician, "is
the gratitude of my fellow-citizens."

"That would be very gratifying, no doubt," said the Second
Politician, "but, alas! in order to obtain it one has to retire
from politics."

For an instant they gazed upon each other with inexpressible
tenderness; then the First Politician murmured, "God's will be
done! Since we cannot hope for reward, let us be content with what
we have."

And lifting their right hands from the public treasury they swore
to be content.

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