Sunday, September 4, 2011

Are You A Sun Sign?

As the Sun puts forth light, so it brings forth life. This Planet

(also known as a luminary and a star) represents the self, one's

personality and ego, the spirit and what it is that makes the

individual unique. It is our identity and our face to the world. The

Sun also speaks to creative ability and the power of the

individual to meet the challenges of everyday life.

One's natural father, husbands and other male influences are

ruled by the Sun, as are children. The Sun's energy is a forceful

one, and in its wake comes authority, the ability to lead and an

individual's essence, their core being. Through the will of this

Planet, we learn to manifest ourselves in the world.

The Sun is majestic, and in keeping with its regal air, it rules

royalty and higher office. This orb also lords over our health and

well-being. The Sun's golden glow is a vital life force which

imbues us with strength, energy and a will to succeed. It is the

Sun which gives strength to the other Planets, which is why this

Planet occupies a key role in Astrology.

The Sun spends about a month visiting each Sign and takes a

year to journey through the twelve Signs of the Zodiac. It is

masculine energy and rules Leo and the Fifth House.

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