Thursday, October 27, 2011

Just Who Is Randy Wallace Anyway?

Randy woke up this morning in Vanderhoof, British Columbia, happy to be living—quite literally. We don’t have many days on this earth and Randy appreciates that fact more than many because he is a survivor of a rare kind of brain bleed—a subarachnoid hemmorhage..

Although there are scars, a titanium plate and some lasting mental challenges, Randy leans on his degree in education, his past work with children, and his knowledge that a good story can change outlooks and lives. Having survived may, to large degree, fuel his drive, but his past work with children infuses his writing. Randy’s stories encourage readers and leave them wanting more.

Randy has had two books in print, his most recent, #9 Grundpark Road. The main character is a young boy named Daniel Sterling, who, like all of us, struggles with his own particular challenges. Daniel refuses to let his disadvantaged beginnings prevent him from reaching his goals. This uplifting, page turner will make you feel like you are capable of more, too.

Check Randy out at and any of these other places:

Look him up at where you can find paper or electronic versions of his book. #9 Grundpark Road is also available in Nook.


  1. Randy thank youf or sharing a bit of yourself with us today. Believe me, we are so happy you were able to survive the brain hemmorhage for it is a pleasure to read your works.

  2. Best wishes, Randy. It's nice to hear about a book that young people can read without all themelodrama and madness they see on television and in movies.

    Timothy Stelly

  3. Thanks for bringing some light and understanding to this issue and good on you for keeping up the good fight!