Saturday, November 12, 2011

Continuing our Author Tour, I am proud to introduce you to Maggie Tideswell from across the seas.

Who is Maggie Tideswell?

Maggie walks in two worlds. The one is reality, the here and now: in the other there is no concept of time and space. But in both worlds love is what holds it all together. The love of the Superior Beings, the love between a parent and a child, the love between siblings, friends, for a project, or object, or aminal. The world as we know it cannot exsist without love relationships.

The ultimate love relationship is that between a man and a woman, and this is what Maggie explores in her writing. But as nobody exists in a vacuum, the world intrudes on every relationship.

In Dark Moon, Maggie took and extraordinary meeting between two strangers, added the world and wrote a book that will have the reader turning the pages until the thrilling end.

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  1. I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to have Ms. Tideswell as a guest on our Two Unsynchronized Souls radio show. She speaks eloquently and with great insight into the human condition, especially when romance is involved.
    Maggie's book stands out from the other Romance books as it not only tells of love and passion, it adds a touch of the occult and much suspense.
    Great piece of work from a very talented upcoming new author.

  2. I liked Maggie's book, and she seems an outstanding person.

  3. There are authors and then there are excellent authors. Maggie Tideswell is in the latter community!

  4. It's always great to get a first hand view of another part of the world. Good luck, Maggie.