Saturday, December 24, 2011

To the Employers of the World

With the holiday season in full swing, I take pause to reflect on those who are homeless or striving to make ends meet and thought it time to speak openly to the employers and corporations of the world.

I ...

  • Am the silent mechanism which works diligently to bring your service or product to the world
  • Am mother, father, sister, brother asking only for fair wages for work well done
  • Am more than a number, flesh, blood with feelings and emotions
  • Am the majority of people
  • Have earned respect, appreciation and gratitude as a productive part of your company
  • Require your position, not in some far off land, but here in the country you call home
  • Wish very little; shelter, food, affordable health insurance and perhaps enough money left over to occasionally purchase products to grow our country's economy
  • Will be loyal to a company which sees each employee as an important part of the picture
  • Am the disheveled stranger living in the street, once employed
  • Am the mother with her small children residing in a shelter wondering how my life came to this point
  • Am willing, able and intent on finding work. Please tell me how and where and when?
  • Am ashamed to beg from others, yet I do so out of need
  • Have been physically abused, emotionally raped and seek a means to better my life
  • Do not want anything more than to be paid for performing the job given me
  • Feel abandoned by mankind, ignored, categorized and cast aside
  • Contrary to many beliefs, do not wish hand-outs or charity and would much rather feel the pride  of working and earning a living
  • Am your fellow human being. You'll find me at a park bench, standing in line at the local shelter's food give-a-way, living with 6 others in a small apartment, crying in the night, employed yet receiving so little income I am unable to meet the rising costs of food, shelter and utilities.
  • Am a reflection of you and as the saying goes 'There for the grace of God, go I."

1 comment:

  1. A good reminder. Sadly, many who need the reminding most won't think about it - contenting themselves with a small "Christmas bonus" and perhaps an office party at which there will be more carousing than caring.