Sunday, August 5, 2012

Featured Blogtalk Radio Show Draws Major Attention on Sunday August 5th

Am happy to announce 'Operation Just One Can' with founder and guest Tony Marren was selected as a Featured Show by Blogtalkradio for Sunday August 5th and will be available on the Blogtalkradio site front page throughout the day.

Sal and I knew the importance of Tony's message and hope you will embrace his words, as we have. The gift you will take away from this specific broadcast will be one which continues to give, long after the show is over. Share it with your family, your friends, educators and businesses and see if Just One Person Can start a ripple that will consume the entire world.

For today, click on BlogtalkRadio and the It Matters Icon to listen or share the show. You  may also listen to the show on this web-site via the blogtalkradio player at any time in the future.

Give and receive the gift of love, for together, it will take 'we the people' to make a difference.

Thank you all from all of us at It Matters Radio.

Monica M. Brinkman,


  1. Sal and I knew Tony Marren was a very special individual the moment we heard of his work. Now you too can see why.

  2. Heart filled with the need to help the less fortunate, Tony Marren tells his story without boasting, and if you listen carefully as he speaks, you will hear laughter and joy in his voice. Monica did an awesome job that night. I thank her for asking me to co-host the show and all of you who will act on Tony's Just-One-Can directive.

  3. Sal, you were such an addition to the show. Couldn't have done it without you. I am happy to report we have reached over 8400 people with the show, and this will continue to grow.

    I have faith in our fellow man. Blessings to all of you who cared enough to take a look at the show and a special shout out to Blogtalkradio for featuring this specific broadcast.