Saturday, September 15, 2012

What I Learned As An Author, by ATTMP author Monica M Brinkman

Seems so much has already been written about what it takes to be a successful author so I am sharing a bit of what I have learned during my journey.

Since 2007 when I penned my first completely unnoticed book of poetry to the present where I am nearing the completion of The Turn of the Karmic Wheels’ sequel, The Wheel’s Final Turn, it has been a voyage of education.

You may believe writing a book is all about you. After all, aren’t you the person who toiled for long sometimes exasperating hours before your computer, pouring your heart and soul into authoring your book? Shouldn’t you be allowed to shout out to the world how magnificent a read you have created and why every single person must rush out and purchase the book this instant?  Can’t the world see what a magnificent story you have created and why your book should be a number one best seller? How can anyone ignore the product you’ve spent so much time writing, not for yourself but for their enjoyment?  Ah, the pain of it all. 

The agony of reality has now hit.

Face it, if all an author had to do was present their latest release and the masses instantly purchased it, then every single author who has written a great book would be famous.  

The truth is the writing was the easy part. And, I am sure most of you know to join social sites, write articles, enter contests, guest on radio shows and blogs...all the things any promoter will advise you to do. So, you take their advice and spread yourself throughout the internet. Yes, the internet where there can be found thousands of other authors doing the same thing. Still your book has not become that best seller nor are there thousands of people following your blog, writing reviews or begging for that autographed copy.

I have learned to take it all in stride. Those who have the ability or means to invest in a marketing or promotion company will gain the most exposure.  Authors who can afford to purchase and give away  books for review, or simply as a gesture to make a connection, will also gain more exposure. And, those who have the luxury of writing full time will gain exposure as they are not committed to working 40 hours a week and have more time to market their books.  Fair – perhaps not, but then who ever said life was fair and just. You work with what you have; you do what you can with the time available and go forward.

Anyone who starts out as a writer to become an instant celebrity is in it for the wrong reasons. We authors write because we have a story to tell. Yes, it would be wonderful if the entire world was able to enjoy the tale, and perhaps that will happen one day, but it is not why I write. I’ve learned I write to bring joy to myself, to release the characters that mull inside my head, to gain satisfaction of a story well done and if I can bring enjoyment to a reader that is an added pleasure.

Moreover, the long-term deep friendships and support you will find among authors, readers, and the entertainment industry representatives will carry you through to finish the next great story encompassing your mind, screaming to be written, and needing to be told.

When it comes down to it, I write for my personal enjoyment, nothing more or less. Anything that follows is a gift. And I would not change my quest to write or this magnificent experience during marketing and promotion. I now look forward to each new friendship formed and dream of the day I can look back and say I have helped someone else reach success and the day one of my books has touched the heart of thousands of readers.

About the Author:
Author, Monica M Brinkman believes the world needs less greed and more humanitarianism.  Her novel, The Turn of the Karmic Wheel, reflects those beliefs. Look for the sequel, The Wheels Final Turn to be released early 2013. Her latest effort is a contributing author with her story, My Life As A Singing Telegram, as we take a walk down memory lane in 25 Years In the Rearview Mirror: 52 Authors Look Back.
Monica is a member of the Missouri Writers Guild, Vice-President of the Phelps County Historical Society, hosts the Thursday night It Matters Radio Show and is a columnist for A Touch of Karma on
She resides in the Midwest with her husband Richard, two dogs and five cats.

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  1. Wonderful insight into the reasons you are an excellent writer and humanitarian, Monica.

    The line, "the agony of reality" made me laugh. When that truth does hit home, it can be an amazing wake-up call.

    1. Ha. Ha. Isn't it the truth Anna. But what has made writing and getting published worth every second is the amazing friendships, such as yours, I have gained. I know my world is much brighter with you in it.

      Take care my friend.

  2. Thanks for this, Monica. You provide so much helpful info in this article, I am embarrassed for my piece on what I have learned. This is useful information told, as Marianne Moore might have said, ". . . in plain American English that dogs and cats can read." (may not be exact quote)

  3. That was my comment. Don't know why my name and photo are not shown.
    Jean Rodenbough

    1. Jean, Isn't it exasperating when these computer glitches occur. LOL
      And don't you dare be embarassed by your piece, you do not give yourself the credit you deserve. You, my friend, are an author I envy - exquisite in detail and story.

      Thanks so much for stopping by to comment Jean. :)