Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Blog Hop Tour Continues

                                        MY WRITING PROCESS

Salvatore Buttaci, author of Flashing My Shorts and 200 Shorts,  invited me to participate in this blog hop tour and answer four questions about my writing process.  


1)      What am I working on?

My one goal this year is to finish the standalone sequel to ‘The Turn of the Karmic Wheel’, aptly titled, ‘The Wheels Final Turn’. In keeping true to ‘speculative fiction’, you will find mystery, romance, horror, the paranormal, and spirituality within its pages.

2)      How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Speculative Fiction is a wide genre. What I sincerely hope makes my writing stand out from the rest is the human experience, along with opening people’s eyes and minds to not only the joys in life, but also the true nature of people. Why does one person decide to live their life based upon care, kindness and love and another go the route of greed and self-indulgence? Each person has their own story to tell and experiences which form their personal beliefs on how they decide to live their life.

Many of my fans and readers have expressed they can see my characters living in their own neighborhood.  Ah, music to an authors’ ears. They also state it is writing they could not put down and likened it to a mix between Stephen King and Nora Roberts. That made me chuckle. As one very honest critic stated:  I've read thousands of books. "The Turn of the Karmic Wheel" is one that stands out for being different.
 I hope to carry this on with The Wheels Final Turn.

3)      Why do I write what I do?

Most important, so people can enjoy a good read. I write in a manner in which I, as a reader, wish to see a book written, not how I am told I should write. It is always my wish to maintain interest throughout the entire book, rather to keep a touch of mystery while bringing realism and a touch of horror within a spiritual format. I write for those who wonder why their lives have been so very difficult when they have done their best to do good within the world. I write for those who are ashamed of their own choices and wish to give them hope that there is always room for change. I write for the forgotten, the abused, and the people who deserve so much more, yet still give of themselves within our world. I write to give them a voice – a substance and a reality. I write to show actions and decisions in life do have meaning, substance and touch many lives.

4)      How does your writing process work?

It doesn't. Joking aside, I hear so much about writers making an outline or plan for their story, yet that really doesn't work for me. My characters come to me – they speak to me and I write their words, their stories.
The best I can say about any process is this-When the characters speak loudly, I write. For example, I know exactly how I will be ending my present work in progress, for those characters spoke very clearly to me. I've written the ending prior to writing the last third of the book but I do know what I am going to write in that area. So, I leave it up to the characters more than anything else. I may write the middle of the book before the first or as in this instance, the ending before completing the remainder. I do keep a list of the characters, their names, their personalities, their looks at hand and refer to this list often.
Guess I am a ‘hodge podge’ writer or a ‘scattered’ writer, but it works for me.

Monica M. Brinkman is a member of The Writers Center and The Missouri Writers Guild. Her short stories and articles have been published throughout the internet in such places as A Word For You Press, Fifty Authors From Fifty States, and Five Monkeys, to name a few. You will also find true-life experiences of the paranormal, along with other tales and articles, at her column, A Touch of Karma, at Authorsinfo .com. Ms Brinkman hosts a weekly radio broadcast, It Matters Radio each Thursday @ 9PM ET. Check out the web site @

Today, I’d like to introduce you to two wonderful authors and hope you will visit their sites as our blog hop continues.
Diane Denton – Artistic - Intriguing
DM Denton is a native of Western New York.  She finds her voice in poetry and prose, in silence and retreat, in truth and imagination.  Through observation and study, inspired by music, art, nature and the contradictions of the creative spirit, she loves to wander into the past to discover stories of interest and meaning for the present, writing from her love of language and the belief that what is left unsaid is the most affecting of all.
     Her educational journey took her to a dream-fulfilling semester at Wroxton College, Oxfordshire, England. She stayed in the UK for sixteen years in a yellow-stoned village with thatched cottages, duck pond, and twelfth century church and abbey turned Jacobean manor house.  She lived, for better or worse, right off the pages of Fielding, the Bront√ęs, Austin, Hardy, DH Lawrence, and even Dickens, surrounded by the beautiful hills, woods and fields of the Oxfordshire countryside, and all kinds of colorful characters.  This truly turned out to be a life-changing experience that resonates in her personal and professional endeavors to this day.
      She returned to the US in 1990, to a rural area of Western New York State where she resides in a cozy log cabin, caring for her mother and a multitude of cats.
      She returned to the US in 1990, to a rural area of Western New York State where she resides in a cozy log cabin, caring for her mother and a multitude of cats.

Visit Diane’s web-site @ and check out her excellence in writing.

     Simply known as ‘Oana’ by her readers, friends and fans, this warm, honest female author brings both laughter and reality within her writings.
     Born in Bucharest, Romania, Oana lived twenty years under the grotesque dictatorial regime of Ceausescu. After the fall of the communism in 1989 she studied languages at the University in Bucharest, then received her Master’s at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland. English is her third language.
She has worn many hats, working as a translator, as a teacher, and eventually caring for animals both domestic and wild. She volunteered and worked for wildlife rescue and rehabilitation centers both in the US and Canada.
     Oana lives in Arizona, where she continues to dedicate most of her time to her animals and to writing. Her current projects include a memoir titled, My Prison Country, What I Remember from Twenty Years of Communist Dictatorship, a children’s book, Dr.Schnauzer and Nurse Lhassa as well as numerous scripts and unfinished short stories.
     She is also an active member of Central Phoenix Writing Workshop and contributor at
Check out Oana’s web site:


  1. Thanks, Monica, for your insight into the writing process. This Blog Hop Tour is teaching me quite a bit about our craft and that is one more reason I am happy to be a member of the writing community, a place where we help one another achieve our dreams.

  2. I agree Sal. Love hearing how other writers approach their tales and find it is so diversified. Can't wait to hear from next bloggers.