Monday, August 15, 2011

Why Not Karma?

I pondered what to write when invited to be a guest blogger on Farrahs’ site. After deliberation it became apparent the logical answer...why not Karma?

So what is Karma? We seem to use the word as a fear tactic insuring our goodwill toward others.

Karma simply means - action.

The definition in Hinduism/Buddhism: action, seen as bringing upon oneself inevitable results, good or bad, either in this life or reincarnation.

Many will argue the case of karma occurring exclusively in a next life while others adamantly endorse the idea we will feel karma’s full force as a payback in the same life. What they all have in common is the belief we are accountable for our deeds and actions. 

Yet we see greed, self-satisfaction, lust, murder, rape, and mayhem all around us and many of the individuals who carry out these acts seem to get by just fine in life, without retribution in any form. While others, the kind, caring, giving souls, grow poorer, hungrier and more desperate in their quest for survival.

Life may not seem fair but you may rest assured, karma seeks truth.

The millionaire who layed off his entire labor force and shipped it off to China may look to the outward world as if he is showered with riches, yet hidden from view is the cheating wife, the daughter who committed suicide or the lack of any real friendships.

Do I believe in Karma? Absolutely! I’ve experienced it within my lifetime and if you are honest with yourself, you will agree that you also have felt the force of karma. How many have judged another, stating they would never ever do such a thing only to find, under the same circumstances, they reacted the exact way years later? 

To me, karma is the ultimate judge and it takes care of the world and universe just fine, thank you.  There is no need for me to condemn someone and I am free to be responsible for my actions alone. It is up to each individual to take responsibility for his or her life, never blaming someone else. 

In my mind, karma sets you free to be the person you are without apology. I’d fear it if I chose the wrong path in life and embrace it if living through kindness, compassion and care.

Monica M. Brinkman is the author of the newly released novel, ‘The Turn of the Karmic Wheel’, a mixed genre of suspense, horror, the paranormal and spirituality.  Here's a taste,

Excerpt from Chapter One, ‘The Turn of the Karmic Wheel’

Harry went to the window and watched his friend walk down the street. He wondered if he should be concerned. For some reason, he felt a bit of uneasiness; just couldn’t put his finger on the why or wherefore. Aw, hell, he reasoned, it ain't none of my business. Yet there was something eating at his mind, a voice telling him to go no further with this transaction. It was a gut feeling he couldn’t shake, a feeling that his friend and neighbor of over 30 years was not ‘quite right’. There was definitely something ‘off the scale’ about Euclid today. A vivid image entered his mind. A vision so unfathomable he had to let it go. Harry shivered as he moved to slowly close the store’s door, continuing to watch the retreating figure kicking stones along the road, unable to shake his feelings of dread.

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