Friday, September 16, 2011

Last night I was fortunate enough to host a radio show with a wonderful physician and humanitarian, Dr. Melvin Kirschner.

In speaking with the good doctor, I found myself wondering if Karma would eventually play a part in the lives of the greedy. You see, with our government officials taking millions of dollars from insurance and pharmaceutical companies, with attorneys pursuing every means to sue physicians and with some doctors and administrators in the medical field accepting large gratuities from these same companies, would Karma ever  play a part?

Though unpopular in my part of the country, I have to say I truly believe in a Single Payer Health Reform. Why? Because it is the right thing to do. I've heard so many arguments against Health Reform and yet today's society is unlike the society of our past. Yes, in the past a company cared about your welfare and entered the employees into a group insurance plan that actually was affordable, even when covering their entire family. And better yet, there were no deductibles unless you had major surgery. Even then, the deductible was quite low.

Today, we have what I call 'so-called insurance' coverage or supplemental insurance offered by many companies. Then we have what they call 'Major Medical' with huge co-pays and deductibles. A few institutions do have decent coverage but they are few and far between. What has happened to the insurance industry I ask you? Why are there no limits on how much a pharmaceutical company sells their medications? How can our county expect us to be healthy when most are unable to seek medical treatment because of the expense? And the poor doctors are in fear of being sued so they are forced to subject a patient to test after test after test, knowing most of these are not necessary. But with Americans being sue crazy every precaution must be taken to insure a doctor has covered every avenue of liability.

I cannot be silent any longer as I watch my wonderful American brothers and sisters decide they must pay the mortgage or feed their family before they can even think about seeing a physician. And if they dare visit a doctor and he or she finds something wrong, then how can they pay for the the treatment, the tests or the surgery?

When I see people applauding some cold, uncaring, greedy, self-absorbed politician who speaks of a young boy going into a coma because he couldn't seek medical care, I am truly ashamed.

So wake up, I say to you, before you find yourself in harm's way or destitute or so sick but unable to afford health care yourself. Karma works in many ways and it may not be tomorrow, but there will be a time when everyone will be responsible for their actions in life.

I'm hoping you will stand up, be brave, be caring and realize 'there for the grace of God, go I'.

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