Saturday, September 10, 2011

Remembrance of a Young Man

Of all the planes which flew that morn
I wonder why you chose that flight
which plummaged to the ground

Was it mere fate that dealt this hand
cards stacked against such a young man
simply seeking home

I shudder to think how it must have been
trapped inside, up in the sky,
nowhere to hide

I ponder still of what took place
 before you plunged into the earth
inside that hole so deep

Did you shake or shed a tear or were you
bravely facing fear, resigned to meet
your destiny

Did you knowingly change history
and vow the plane not reach D.C.
Did you fight so valiantly?

I thank you for the choice you made,
our White House saved
yet such a hefty price you paid

So if you can hear my words today
if there is a way to listen
from the grave

Hear me clear as I shout out to the world,
Richard Guadagno shall always be,
a hero to his beloved country

And we thank you


  1. Monica, your tribute to your cousin is beautifully written in wonderfully well expressed words. I'm posting a tribute to 9/11 in the morning. I do hope you get to check it out.
    Anna Mullins

  2. Thank you Anna. I will surely check this out and thank you for your kind words.

  3. Monica, what a beautiful tribute to a real hero. Those passengers saved hundreds, if not thousands, of lives by their great acts of courage. Thank you for remembering him and to his family and friends for rearing such an admirable man.

  4. Thanks for sharing, Blessings